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    Eigen Heim offers Custom carpet, Eco-friendly certified,

    Premium-level, and made in Korea. 

    Eigen Heim carpet is a high-quality flooring manufactured by SungwonIS such as Roll carpets, Tile carpets,

    Axminster carpets and Printed carpets. Besides, it is Eco-friendly with

    a reasonable price including luxurious colors and patterns.

    Sustainability certification

    Eigen Heim Carpet is a sustainable carpet certified by the Korean environmental label and CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute).

    Use of excellent dope dyed yarn

    Eigen Heim Carpet is made from excellent dope dyed yearn which brings excellent lightfastness and colorfastness, so stays without

    color change regardless of how much time has passed.

    Outstanding dirt and stains protection performance

    Eigen Heim Carpet's resistance to dirt and stains makes it easy to clean and keep clean.

    Exceptional durability performance

    First made overseas carpet obtaining the KS (Korean Industrial Standards) certification label means not just to guarantee quality and secure product stability and these results of extending product life cycle.

    Carpet manufacturing technology

    With our spinning factory that produces carpet yarn, we manufacture and offer, from raw materials to final product client wants.

    We provide a One-stop solution from yarn spinning to manufacturing.

    Sound absorption as a floor finishing material

    Carpet using space has better sound absorption than other floorings due to the characteristics of the carpet.


    Environmental mark, KS certification, ISO certification, CRI certification


    Healthy, Safe, and Sustainable


    It is harmless to the human body and used for Ultra Bio Coating, Oeko-Tex listed, a European Textile product quality certification system. 

    Eco-label certified product

    It has received environmental label certification by the Ministry of Environment after Environmental performance compared to other products for the same purpose in the entire process from production and consumption to disposal.

    FloorScore certified product

    A safe product certified for indoor air quality with no or less than 0.5 mg/m3 emission of volatile organic compounds (TVOC)

    Stain Free

    Improved environmental hygiene with antibacterial action that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and bacteria

    Odor Free

    Keep the product from odor caused by growth of mold and microorganisms

    <Antibacterial test 1 >

    MRSA, methicillin-resistant bacteria were added to each sample and then incubated at 37C/98F (body temperature) for 24 hours.

     In the photo below, many bacteria recovered from the specimens without antimicrobial treatment.

    In contrast, very few bacteria recovered from antibacterial plastics.

    MRSA recovered from untreated plastic

    MRSA recovered from antibacterial plastic

    <Antibacterial test 2>

    Test evaluating the antibacterial activity of antibacterial-treated plastic products with MRSA - ISO 22196

    The bacteria on the untreated coated surface grew exponentially from about 50,000 to over 500,000.


    UV Coating to strengthen durability


    Damage due to abrasion and scratch is the reason for the coating layer  is making the blemished film and contamination more obvious. In Eigen Heim LVT, you choose the thickness and wear layer by your needs to increase abrasion and scratch resistance and extend the product lifespan.

    Powerful Durability

    By the combination of multi-layer structure and glass fiber.


    Outstanding Dimensional Stability by 7 Hyper-core layer structure

    The inner core structure and unique mix of fiberglass layers.

    7 Hyper-core layer structure

    Excellent dimensional stability

    Dimensional stability is improved by proper application of layers and combination of the glass fiber layer.

    Solid organization

    The material's inner structure is made more robust through sufficient repetition of the annealing operation of heating and cooling at a constant temperature.

    Water Resistant

    It improves the quality of life in the applied space with the surface waterproofing function of the coating layer for safety and durability.


    LVT, slip-resistant flooring protects against hazardous conditions by the friction created with embossed surface treatment in comparison with vinyl sheets.

    Wide range of product lines / Stability installation

    Environmental sustainability certifed  / warm and cozy hardwood flooring

    Eigenheim hardwood flooring helping to add value to your life with a smooth and homely feel,

    makes you enjoy a healthy, more dynamic, and relaxed life.

    Natural oil for the surface

    Non-sticky texture and eco-friendly, high-durability and excellent abraision resistance of the surface with special '10~12 UV coatings.

    Aluminum oxide

    By adding aluminum oxide, which is a metal component, to the UV coating, durability of the surface of flooring against scratches and indentention is increased.

    Premium quality hardwood veneer

    Made in South, North America, Europe, and Russia that does not use formalin at all, using highest grade A and B, and composed of 7 plywood veneer.

    Eco-friendly plywood core

    Superb hardness and inherent durability , exceptional water resistance, and almost no formaldehyde emission using plywood core that has passed the Swedish AKZO NOBEL standard.

    Tongue and Groove Joint

     To prevent product deformation and increase adhesion

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