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  • Why Sungwonis

    SUNGWONIS presents exceptional values beyond customer expectations. 

    Since its founding in 2008, SUNGWONIS has grown to a company that imports and distributes environmental construction materials from the world's leading companies and manufactures and supplies floorings through its own brand As it has been always trying to make a better place and harmonious places.



    We will constantly respond to customer trust and love with exceptional values beyond customer imagination by a better quality of products and services. Besides, SUNGWONIS will be a company considering diligently the environmental impacts of its activities and pursues unceasing growth based on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


    SUNGWONIS will become a people-oriented company overflowed with compassion by thinking about the harmony between humans and the environment, communicating and sympathizing with customers on the value of handmade items. Furthermore, we will challenge ourselves with persistent change and innovation to become a global leader that realizes our vision, creates a healthy, convenient, and harmonious environment.


    CEO  LEO. Kang










    Products made by our hands



    We move people's heart



    Harmony with nature


    Trusted company


    Honesty, Integrity, Promise, Ethics, Responsibility

    We take our responsibilities by faithfully complying with principles and ethics in keeping our promises to customers from the proposal to the completion of construction with honesty.


    Realization of customer value


    Customer Profitability, Value creation, Collaboration

    To create value beyond customer expectations, we collaborate as much as is feasible for the realization of customer value and make every effort from the begining to the completion..

    Communication and innovation


    Information exchange, idea sharing, new market development, partnership

    Disregarding inner or external of organization, we exchange information and collaborate with each other through sharing new ideas, and seriously respond to new products and new market development.

    People comes first


    Talent Development, motivation, self-development

    Based on human dignity, in order to provide a people-centered clean environment and favorable values, we sympathize with a positive attitude, active mindset, and react with compassion to customers.


    Ownership culture


    Loyalty, initiative, pride in work, challenges and goals, drive

    We take pride in our work and take responsibility for our work. Rather than settling for reality, set high goals and challenge ourselves. We establish a thorough plan and carry out tasks with drive.


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